When And How To Scale: DC Startup At Crossroads


A successful startup, TechChange is wrestling with the question of scale – be it in depth or breadth.  When should an enterprise scale and how?

TechChange is a DC-based for-profit online education company.  Think edtech for the development industry.  They train NGOs, the World Bank, and UN agencies on how to use technology for rural health care, delivering aid, mapping disasters, and dealing with humanitarian crisis. It’s part of an emerging industry termed “tech for good,” empowered by the expansive reach of cell phones in the developing world.

Nick Martin, a former web developer, is the founder of TechChange.  With friends Will Chester and Chris Neu, who quickly turned into colleagues as CTO and COO, respectively, Martin bootstrapped TechChange in 2010 with $150,000.  In 2013, they had a gross revenue of just under $500,000.  This year, Martin wants to double that, striking near the $1 million mark.  With nine full-time staff and about a dozen contractors, TechChange would be classified as a small business.

Read the full story at Forbes.com.


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