Bite-Size Payments Go Global: Solar’s Next Challenge


d.light sells solar devices to over 60 countries.  They claim they’ve impacted 36 million lives with 6 million d.light units.  Hefty numbers.  But that’s not enough.  Now, they’re going for universal access to energy.

To give everyone light, interestingly, doesn’t mean just more lanterns and LEDs.  Rather, success lies in financing.  So, the solar company is developing financial products to help get light into the hands of its customers.

The standard model, a simple kerosene replacement, is priced at $30.  Anything that exceeds that price tag (d.light sells home systems that go up to $150) becomes too expensive for a low-income African and Indian consumer to pay upfront in cash.  That’s why pay-as-you-go, or paying in bite-size pieces, is the best solution for larger price tags.  This July, d.light said that it had sold 500,000 financed units globally.

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