Drones for Good

Projects From Around the World on How Drones Can Help Us

While drones may be a contentious topic, some companies and non-profit organizations are already deploying them for life-saving missions. Here is a roundup of some fascinating new applications of drones that go beyond war, spying, and Amazon deliveries.

In the forests and jungles of the world, as conservationists 

Lian Pin Koh, a drone ecologist, is part of a new breed of conservationists who believes that drones can help him and his colleagues cover more land, and acquire better images of wildlife in their habitat — without having to slog through jungles and forests.  His organization, ConservationDrones.org, has run projects in Indonesia to monitor orangutan populations; in Nepal, to track one-horned rhinos; and throughout the world (in Tanzania, Belize, Cambodia, the US, Scotland, Madagascar, and more).

In Iran, as a lifeguard

RTS, a Tehran-based lab, has developed a waterproof drone for search and rescue operations on the Caspian Sea. Usable during the day and at night (with thermal cameras), the drone can reach a drowning victim in a third of the time it takes a lifeguard to swim out to him/her. The company recently relocated to London and has been accepting pre-orders.

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