Farmers Are Sharing Tricks of the Trade Across Continents Via SMS

WeFarm is Wikipedia for farmers, or as its founder describes it, “Internet for people without Internet.”

More than half the world still doesn’t have regular access to the Internet; WeFarm uses SMS to let farmers exchange information across continents.

“I wanted to make a platform where farmers could share information with other farmers and create solutions for themselves, rather than being prescribed what to do,” says Kenny Ewan, cofounder of WeFarm, which debuted this January in Kenya.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 5.19.59 PM

Photo Courtesy of Subject

The model is simple: A farmer sends a question to WeFarm. That question is translated and shared with other farmers—in the same country or beyond. The goal is to have farmers come up with their own solutions, and WeFarm helps them achieve that by using a peer-to-peer platform. And it’s not limited to answering questions; the start-up encourages farmers to share advice and ideas. For instance, a farmer in Kenya might offer a tip: “Manure from cows, goats, and sheep adds nutrients to the soil.” That would be shared with other farmers in Kenya and beyond.

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