Two College Friends Raise $13 Million To Build India’s First Electric Scooter

Last year, Delhi took the honor of becoming the world’s most polluted city.  The number of air pollution-related illnesses globally has been on the rise.  In India, the reasons are apparent: cars, industrial fumes, burning of garbage and agricultural waste.

Delhi’s traffic is no laughing matter.  To cross 10 kilometers, it could take 2 hours in peak hours.  According to one news source, there’s about 1400 cars added to Delhi’s streets every day.

There is no doubt now that all this pollution is having an impact on residents.  Addressing street pollution could be a starting point to help alleviate the impact.  That’s what two entrepreneurs in Bangalore are attempting to do with an electric two-wheeler.


Testing out the scooter on a race track in Bangalore.  Photo Courtesy of Ather Energy.

Hybrid cars have yet to take off in India.  The Prius is nowhere to be found.  For those who can afford a car, their interests lie in design, features, and branding, not its environmental footprint.  And India actually has a significant population that uses two-wheelers.  So much so that Honda is betting on India as its largest market.

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