The 3D Printed Car That Could Transform The Auto Industry: On Sale In 2016

Imagine the car of the future.  It’s not a Tesla.  Rather, it’s 3D printed and recyclable.

Arizona-based Local Motors plans to debut its new LM3D in 2016, which would be the first 3D printed car to hit the highways and be available for purchase (for about $53,000).

3D printed cars have been popular experiments in recent years.  But turning them into a product for the masses has been a challenge.  That’s why Local Motors has made the process an open-sourced endeavor.  After collecting over  200 designs online, they settled on a winning entry from Kevin Lo of Portland.  Even Jay Leno, who sat on the judging panel, approved.

The design, seen in the image below, was selected in July.  By September, the model had been completed.  With an open-top and seating for two to four passengers, the car isn’t designed to fit all the needs of the market.  But it’s a starting point.

Photo Courtesy of Local Motors.

Photo Courtesy of Local Motors


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