Can a Chef From One the World’s Best Restaurants Fix School Lunches?

At 28, Daniel Giusti had the most coveted job in the culinary world: He was the head chef at Copenhagen’s Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants.

Late last year, he left that post. Now, instead of cooking meals priced at $300 a person, he has shifted his attention to concocting public school lunches for less than $3. Giusti left Denmark to start his own venture, Brigaid, a company that aims to bring chefs into American school kitchens.

“Let’s be real. There’s no 18-year-old in culinary school that’s saying, ‘I want to go into school food,’ ” he said jokingly in a phone interview from New York. “But I’m at that point in my life where I just don’t care anymore. It may seem crazy. But I’m ready for a challenge.”

His company would employ chefs, but they would work in school kitchens alongside existing staff as third-party purveyors of sorts. His aim is not to eliminate those who are already employed in food service in schools.

“We would go in, take on that staff, which consists of six or seven generally. But also employ a chef or bump up a food service manager who could take on that responsibility,” he said.

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