This Could Be The Future Of Hotels: Going Beyond A Bed And A Bath

The Wayfarer is a “hotelish” property.

It’s a new concept that’s been making waves in the hospitality industry with the rise of boutique hotels that offer a variety from shared rooms with bunks to larger, more traditional private rooms.

Family-run Pacifica Hotels, a company that started out with a concerted focus on California coastal hotels, recently opened one of these “hotelish” properties in Santa Barbara, a town known for skyrocketing hotel prices.  At the Wayfarer, which sits on State Street, residents can get a bed for $70 a night — a bargain in downtown Santa Barbara.

The company just bought a property in Downtown Los Angeles, an area that has been gentrifying rapidly, attracting a younger crowd, startups, and more tourism.  Given the success of the Wayfarer, which offers a mix of private rooms and bunk beds, Pacifica is entertaining a similar model for its upcoming DTLA hotel.

“When we think of hostels, we have this image of traveling through Europe, in our youth, and staying in hostels that had vomit in the sinks, old mattresses.  It wasn’t the most pleasant,” says Matt Marquis, CEO and President of Pacifica Hotels.  “But this is a very different take on hostels.”

The Wayfarer feels much more like an upscale boutique hotel than a playground for just backpackers.

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