My Story

three years ago, I quit the corporate life.

I went to a short trip to South Africa for two timely reasons: 1) To visit my then long distance partner and 2) to discover what I want going forward in life.
(The cake picture above was given by my former colleagues before I left 😂)

I explored South Africa and what it had to offer.

I left my job as a software developer and I was preparing myself to apply for a new role in the IT industry.

Meanwhile, I got to know more people in a somewhat totally different world – startups. I found myself interning for a digital marketing agency – initially because they needed some tech help and I was confident that I could help them. Usual tech stuff – easy peasy.

It’s not until I discovered what was out there…

The emerging digital marketing industry.

What I had no chance to see whilst working for giant companies —

Startups hustling to run their business, creative minds developing and executing ideas that solve today’s problems, and small businesses making up one of the biggest portions of the economy’s growth.

…I’ve gotten a pair of new eyes to see the world. The steering wheel has turned my life into a whole new direction.

I now help local businesses grow through digital marketing.

Today, I help eCommerce store owners get as much sales they can handle using Facebook advertising. I typically work with clients who have tried paid advertising before but have not gotten the results they want, like getting sales conversions from their previous advertising campaigns.

Businesses I have helped include dental services, yoga teacher training, coaching, horse clubs, lodges, tutorial centers and eCommerce stores.

From time to time, I also help facilitate live Facebook ads workshops in Stellenbosch, Cape Town wherein I give extra hand to entrepreneurs who explore the power of the Facebook platform for business.

It’s not the easiest job in the world, but the fact that it makes me happy? Damn it’s worth it.

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