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Social media is free. But is it, really?

Facebook, Instagram and their algorithms. You work so hard to get to 10,000 followers and have that ‘Swipe Up’ button available, you post – and yet only 500 of your followers will see your well-designed, well-thought post.

And on top of all the organic social media efforts to make your brand stay relevant and up-to-date, you and your team spend at least 3 hours everyday replying to customer comments and DMs asking “how much?”, when the price is already posted 🙄 Or someone who messaged you if she can get the sale price two minutes after your promotion has ended. 

Can you relate?

You tried running your own ad and quickly found out that it’s not as easy as it seemed. Increasing your budget didn’t increase your returns.

You heard about the latest Facebook changes and the five other things you need to do to get your account updated. You asked yourself how to do it, but most importantly you asked yourself, “Is it worth my time learning all these things?”.

When you’ve been exposed to this truth for long enough, it is then that you realize that your time is not free. When you value your time as a CEO of your own business, you delegate and outsource parts of it so you can focus your energy on your strengths to grow your business.

You hear everyone in the industry complaining about the new changes so you email the marketing agency you work with to give you updates on how the campaign is doing – only to hear the same excuses over and over again, always overpromising, yet under delivering. You feel like just a number, not being taken cared of, out of the loop, forgotten. 

Building a profitable brand is a HARD and LONG game, but it is definitely a rewarding path to build a business that creates an impact and live the lifestyle you love.

But do you know what makes the brand you’ve built more rewarding?

Not worrying about whether your brand is still visible to your audience since it’s been two days since your last post has been published.

Not worrying about not receiving DMs from customers.

Taking a holiday and being certain that your business is making sales.

Not guessing your way to success because someone is doing the strategy and management for you. Working with a trustworthy company who is knowledgeable and stays in the know of the latest news and updates related to social media advertising.

Working with someone who cares.

Rethink Social Vision

Our vision

Rethink Social is a consulting company supporting eCommerce brands in succeeding online by utilizing social media advertising.

We provide data-driven strategies and execute customer-centric campaigns to help brands reach their market  and genuinely build brand-consumer connections that convert into value-exchanged transactions.

Our mission

It is our mission to help brands who are tired of:

  • Doing it all alone
  • Spending a lot of their time figuring it all out only to feel stuck again
  • Feeling tired, drained and exhausted by pushing their work capacity
  • Feeling scared by the instability of their ads’ results
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending platform and technological changes
  • Hearing excuses from people who overpromise but underdeliver
  • Working with a company that makes them feel undervalued

Our clients sign up with us when they want to finally:

  • Feel supported in growing their sales online
  • Get their time back – to be able to spend their time doing high level activities like a real CEO and have more quality time with their family
  • Feel assured that someone has their back
  • Have confidence in predictable income – to live, work, play, sleep and still generate sales

Our ideal clients

Rethink Social caters specifically for fashion and skincare brands who invest in their business – who are committed to business growth, who use their brand and creativity to build an authentic relationship with their customers and who thrive to build a business that allows a more flexible lifestyle for themselves and their family.

If this is you, are you ready to transform your current situation and scale your sales online? 


"Rethink Social is fantastic. Sheena 'just gets it'. In an effortless way she not only gets the creative on brand, she also applies all the marketing skills in effective engagement across the sales channel. She quickly adapts based on ad performance and we have seen fabulous results with her."
Vanessa G.
"Sheena is by far the best kept secret in the industry. If you are lucky enough to be accepted as a client of this agency, your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded! Each client that is taken under her wing will see exceptional growth in their business as a result of her experience, vast in-depth knowledge of the field and her results-driven strategies. Personal attention is paid to each client's individual business profile requirements and constantly monitored and tweaked to render optimal results (hence they limit the amount of clients they accept). Highly recommended!"
Mandy C.

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